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              Company News

              Analyze the hot market advantage of the sole cleaning machine for you


              With the advancement of technology and technology, people's lazy character has gradually surfaced. In busy office workers, every day needs a glamorous image, and the sole is also the same; therefore, it promotes the rapid development of the sole cleaning machine, the sole The cleaning machine can attract the attention of the broad masses of the people. What is the reason? Join the small series now and enter the "fantastic world of sole cleaning machines."

              Advantages of the sole cleaning machine

              When the sole cleaning machine is used to clean the sole, the user only needs to step on the brush of the cleaning area to make the sole fully contact with the cleaned brush. When the cleaning brush touches the sole, it will automatically rotate and clean the sole. According to the cleanness of the sole, the user does not need to freely choose the cleaning time. Only the slow walking in the cleaning area can clean the dust and stains of the sole. When the sole is cleaned and the foot leaves the cleaning area, the sole washing machine will automatically stop and the cleaning process will end.

              Easy to clean is also the advantage of the net sole cleaning machine. When the sole cleaning machine is used for hundreds of times, the water in the cleaning groove will be turbid. Most of the sole cleaning machines need to be manually cleaned. This is troublesome; there are also automatic sewage models. This kind of equipment is equipped with a special drain pipe. The user only needs to put the drain pipe in the sewer, inject water into the water tank, turn on the power, and the sole cleaning machine will automatically complete the two processes of cleaning and water change. The customer has alleviated the trouble of cleaning.

              For some athletes, the stinky foot is the most difficult to start. After taking off the shoes, the smell is pungent. I don’t think anyone would like to get along with such people. For women, wear high heels and get angry. The lines are distinct, and the high heels are taken off, and the beauty is greatly reduced. The beauty of the golden section is gone. At this time, you need a smart smart sole cleaning machine to avoid worrying about taking off your shoes. You are no longer worried, and always exudes attractive charm.

              Most of the smart sole cleaning machines on the market generally last for about 2 years, while some brands of intelligent sole cleaning machines have an average life of 3.5 years, which is much higher than similar products. Why is this? This is because the core parts of the company's brand intelligent sole cleaning machine are cleaned with a brush, which is made of foreign imported wear-resistant “nylon”. It has been processed by hardening, tempering and extrusion, and has been added to the cleaning. Scales, detergents, powders and disinfectants, strong cleaning of the soles, not only can eliminate bacteria, but also bring a touch of fragrance, charming not only spotless, but also the fragrance from nature.

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