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                Shoe sloe washer(1.0M)

              • 【Brief】:

                Because of the labor cost and factory cleanliness requirement, our company Chong-de develop shoes sloe washer. This product can clean the sloe with high efficiency in short time. Keep the interior space clean.

              • 【Series】:Sole cleaning machine

              How to work

              Shoe sloe washer use Tracked brush to wash the shoes sloe with water. The motor drive the tacked brush trough the water in the water storage, continuous wash the shoes bottom and bring the dust into water, then drain off dirty water with high-pressure pump.

              Application scope

              Office entrance: Install on the office entrance, hospital avoid the shoes bring the garbage into room.

              Stairs entrance: Install on the stairs entrance to avoid the dust entrance the clean area.

              Workshop entrance: install on the workshop entry block the dust entry the cleanroom.

              Passage: Install the equipment in the passage can clean the sloe of shoes.

              Wash hand area: Install in the wash hand area, the machine will clean the shoes sloe during wash hands, save time.

              Good shower: this machine can be embedded in ground. It can clean the shoes bottom and wheel during people and cart pass.

              How to setup

              1.       Put the washer on the floor adjust the stand bar to horizontal level.

              2.       (AUTO) connect injection pipe and drain pipe

              3.       (NON-AUTO) fill the storage with water until the MAX mark.

              4.       Put the sponge mat on the absorption zone.

              5.       Find the control panel, set up the washing time, drain water time and running type.

              6.       Connect power and enjoy the new cleaning technology

              How to use:

              When the employee goes through the equipment, the machine start running keep running 60s, the employee stand on the cleaning area mark time 2-3 times. Then enter drying area, after 2s the employee can leave.

              Equipment maintenance instruction

              1.       Change water every day.

              2.       Take out the drying sponge mat and squeeze out water.

              3.       Clean the filter

              4.       Clean the brush, check the track each 15days.

              5.       Clean the surface of the machine.

              Technical parameters





                Cleaning zone size(mm)


                Drying zone size (mm)


                Water temperature()


                Water box valium(L)



                   AC220V 50HZ

                Moto power


                Pump power





                Short cut/overload

                Working noise


                Maximum loading



              1. Please connect 200-240V 50Hz AC power

              2. Cut the power before repairing

              3. Do not running in explosion gas area

              4. Do not use the machine with wear the high-heeled shoes.

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